Website Redesign

The Bakery design team was tasked to redesign our company's website to align more with our current branding, which consists of dark and sophisticated motifs. I served as one of the visual designers for the website, so I helped to design and produce many of the assets for several pages. This project was particularly challenging because the sky was the limit, and the idea was to create a cool piece of art with the redesign. 


Our creative director wanted to marry late 70s book covers and posters with a dash of occultism for our new look. He put together a large inventory of images for us to gather inspiration from. 


The design team was challenged to come up with different layout ideas for the home page based off the inspiration board we were given. I came up with a few different directions I thought were interesting and would work with what our website needed. 


Once we settled on a design direction, we carried it over to the rest of the website. I helped to design and create assets for some of the pages. 


For the work section of our website, we wanted to personalize each case study to fit in with each client's branding while still maintaining our layout direction and style. I created the original design layouts for the work index and Tinder case study in this section.


The website is also fully responsive, with each page adapting to the new sizes of the window display. We created altered designs of each page for phone and tablet use cases. 


Creative Director: Micky Ogando
Art Direction/ Lead Designer: Seain Willingham
Designers: Erika Marquez, Alona Vinnyk