Halloween Party Poster

As we settled into our new office at Bakery, we wanted to celebrate with a housewarming party along with Side Label, who also shared our space. And with Halloween so close by, we decided to throw a Halloween housewarming bash. Since the building we moved into used to be an old Biker's gang warehouse called Bud's, we decided to revolve our theme around headless bikers. I was in charge of creating the flyer and managing invites for the party.


I was really excited with this project because I could integrate my personal illustration style into the design, which consists of thick bold lines and geared more towards a grungy style. I also sketched out other elements that needed to be on the flyer, including our party's sponsors and DJ. It was challenging to get a perspective that was engaging for the main illustration, but it was rewarding once I finally nailed it down. 


I created the illustrations and assets for the flyer while my coworker, Alona, designed it. Together we came up with a cool poster with Halloween grungy vibes. In addition to the flyer, we used a marketing platform called Splash to organize and promote our event. My team designed the landing page that contained the party's information, which you can check out here. The platform allowed us to send out email blasts with our digital flyer invite and keep track of who rsvp'd. We also set up a photo booth with branded frames, which was a party favorite.