Short Film Illustrations

Mammoth is a short drama film by creative studio WARM BUBBLEGUM. The story begins with Olivia, an emotionally troubled camper spending the night in a decrepit woodland. While trying to fall asleep, Olivia is discovered by Maddy, a curious seven-year-old navigating the woods at night.

My role in this film was to create the social media graphics and official poster using my illustration style. Justice Gutierrez, the film's director,  created a mood board based on film posters, color schemes, and layouts he thought paired well with Mammoth's tone. He took inspiration from the work of Olly Moss, wanting to play with the use of negative space in the design.


After Justice shared the mood board with me, I created countless iterations and sketches of the poster and additional imagery that I thought would help to best represent his initial idea while staying true to the overall tone of the film. I used a variety of media, including graphite, marker, and ink.


After we finally agreed upon the overall layout and style of the graphics, the sketches were scanned in and edited to further refine the imagery. 

 After numerous renditions and tiny adjustments here and there, the poster was finally finalized. In addition,  Justice and I used imagery from the poster on the Mammoth website and across the film's social media pages.


The film is currently under production after a successful Kickstarter campaign.
It is set to be released Fall 2018.