Spotify Album Art and Social Designs

For Halloween, Bakery created audio Ghost Tours for car2go specific to eleven of their North American cities via Spotify. I was in charge of the art direction for the playlist art and social imagery to promote the tours. Since each different city had a different social media channel, my team and I created a large volume of designs to target each market. For the art direction, I was able to go outside of the car2go brand guide to make it feel more spooky and Halloween-y, so I played around with dark duotone colors and creepy imagery relative to the city or story being told in the ghost tour. 


Overall, this made for a fun Halloween project for car2go. You can check out one of the playlists via the button below. Enjoy!


Copywriters: Chris Nordahl, Daniela Lopez
Art Direction: Erika Marquez
Designers: Erika Marquez, Alona Vinnyk, Yesenia Rodriguez, Seain Willingham