Website Design

Telconus is a state-of-the-art communications technologies company that efficiently service commercial and government organizations worldwide. My team and I at Bakery were challenged to update their old website to something more modern and user friendly. I served as the UX/UI designer for this project, so I was in charge of much of the planning and design of the website. This was particularly challenging since there was a lot of information to display and organize in a way that was inviting and easy to navigate. 


I started by creating wireframes to help organize the information before I started the visual design. This resulted in a modular system that would help during the design phase.


We wanted for the website to utilize large bold imagery to break away from the stale and outdated design direction most telecommunication company sites have. The layout of the information and the scrolling animations help to make the design more engaging and inviting to potential customers. 


Telconus' Services section had an intimidating amount of information that needed to be organized in a way that was digestible for customers. We achieved that by breaking up sections visually using large imagery and negative space to provide breathing room between groups of information.


We brought the same techniques into the responsive design. This resulted in an intuitive, enjoyable mobile experience.