Logo Design

Watershed Detectives, created by the education department of the City of Austin's Watershed Protection Department,  is a middle school program that offers a place-based curriculum called the Fish Kill Mystery and field trip support to caves, creeks, and springs. The Austin Watershed Detectives Fish Kill Mystery curriculum is a series of three lessons based on a true historical pollution event that occurred in Austin in 1979. 

I was tasked with creating the logo that would be used on all lesson plan materials and would be produced on stickers and t-shirts. The education coordinator wanted the main design to be a badge, so I played around with a water inspired look. I tried incorporating waves, water, and a fish as the focal point since the program is based on the fish that mysteriously died in a pond. 


Since the program was geared towards younger kids, I wanted to make the logo look bubbly and fun. After much feedback, my supervisor wished to incorporate water and hills to form the letter W as the focal point instead to represent the W in Watershed. After countless revisions and iterations, the design was finalized, and orders were sent off to produce stickers and t-shirts.